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The Tamazight language or the Berber language adopted by the inhabitants of Rif, Souss and Atlas. Generally, in southern countries.

The second language and French in the north are Spanish, without including the English that many Moroccans master.

As far as religion is concerned, Islam is the official religion in Morocco:

Moroccans are Muslims. On the other hand, and as everywhere, other religions exist. Muslims are called to practice in many conditions, such as praying 5 times a day, fasting in the month of Ramadan, stopping drinking, eating and smoking during the period between sunrise and sunset. sunset.

The cuisine is very varied in Morocco, especially in terms of spices. The dishes: The Moroccans are of an extreme flavor and the following are well known: The skewers. In Morocco, we do not impose anything, everyone is free to do what he wants but respecting the rights of others, religions and local customs




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